Getting Ready for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about turkey, stuffing, cranberries, and chairs. That’s right: chairs.

What better time to spruce up your dining room than right before you fill it up with family and friends? Our chair replacement section has all the parts you need to make your Highback, Breuer Style, and Bucket seats as good as new. Whether you’re looking to replace the seat, the back, or the frame, we can get your dining room ready for your holiday guests.

Looking to replace the whole chair? We can do that too! Browse our collection of classic chairs and stools, all in stock and ready in time for turkey and pumpkin pie.

L.A.’s Restaurant 2117 using our Breuer cane chairs

The Breuer chairs are really popular with restaurant and bar owners. Another restaurant recently replaced their seats with Seats and Stools’ Breuer chairs!

Los Angeles-based Restaurant 2117 chose to go with the Breuer cane chairs — and they sure do look nice. Good choice, Restaurant 2117.

The Classic Diner Chair

The classic diner chair originated in America in the 1940s when old train cars were used as diners. Today many people are unaware of its history but enjoy the chair as it adds a fun style to their decor.

hand upholstered classic diner chair

The classic diner chair is a staple in restaurants and bars across America due to its strong tubular steel frame and slim profile.

Customized Breuer Chairs for Trendy Restaurant

Seats and Stools worked closely with the architect of the popular Denver restaurant Steubens to create a breuer chair that would meet and hopefully exceed their specific needs. We started with our basic upholstered Breuer chair to develop the commercial chair they required. The restaurant chair that was developed included white vinyl fabric upholstery and cording on a traditional breuer chair.

We special ordered commercial grade vinyl to meet the usability needs of the restaurant and to create a custom restaurant chair that would enhance the great interior design.

Breuer Restaurant Chairs

When times are tough, replacement chair parts can be the answer

We at Seats and Stools understand that it’s not always affordable these days to completely replace chairs, especially if you have a business that uses a lot of the same style seats. But years of wear and tear doesn’t always have to lead to replacing your Breuer, dinette or bucket chairs and stools. Sometimes, reviving your worn seats or stools only takes a few replacement chair parts, and we have tons in stock.

Whether you need new seats, frames, arm rests, or bases, we have you covered!

Click the links above for more information, or call us with your replacement chair part needs at 1-866-967-3287.

What’s in a name: Breuer chairs

Marcel Breuer
Marcel Breuer

Our Breuer chairs are among the most popular chairs, not only that we sell, but in general. Hungarian furniture designer / architect Marcel Breuer probably had no idea how popular his take on the cantilever chair, which was first created in 1926 by Mart Stam, would have been.

While Stam may have been the first to produce such a chair–with no back legs–it was Breuer who took the design to new levels (incorporating sturdy, sleek steel tubing) and made the seat a staple piece of furniture in many homes (not to mention offices, bars, restaurants, etc…).

Today, the Breuer chair is an iconic piece of 20th century interior design.