One thought on “50’s dinette set brought back to life with yellow Cracked Ice vinyl replacement seats and backs”

  1. WOW. After dealing with Van Dyke’s Restorers with their “junk” from China – it was refreshing to find Seats and Stools in Chicago. I spoke with Allen. So knowledgable and nice…placed my order for Breuer Chair Glides. Done in less than 3 minutes. No games. A live person who knew what I needed. Glides come from Italy. Fine craftmanship and much less expensive than Van Dyke’s. Truly no hassle. I can’t even get Van Dyke’s to find my order to discuss the quality and size. Excuse after excuse.
    Their loss. I am calling my credit card company. Absolutely no customer service at all.
    They (Van Dyke’s) cannot even find my order…

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